TopCoder problem "Chooser" used in TCCC '02 NE/SE Reg. Quart. (Division I Level One)

Problem Statement

When putting together a problem set, a writer must keep in mind the difficulty
and length of a problem.  A good problem set is one with an easy, a middle, and
a hard problem, but doesn't take too much or too little time to complete.

You will be given an input of three int[].  The first int[] consists of easy
problem times, the second consists of middle problem times, and the third
consists of hard problem times.  Return the number of legal problem set
combinations, where a legal set contains exactly 1 easy, 1 middle and 1 hard
problem, and the total time is between 60 and 75 inclusive.

Class name: Chooser
Method name: numSets
Parameters: int[], int[], int[]
Returns: int
The method signature is:
int numSets(int[] easy, int[] middle, int[] hard)
Be sure your method is public.

TopCoder will ensure the following:
*Each int[] will contain between 0 and 10 elements, inclusive.
*Each element of easy will be an int between 5 and 15, inclusive.
*Each element of middle will be an int between 15 and 45, inclusive.
*Each element of hard will be an int between 30 and 55, inclusive.

There are 3*2*1=6 possible sets.  However, since 10+25+45=80 and 15+25+45=85,
two of the sets are illegal, so the method returns 4.

There are 3*3*3=27 possible sets, all legal.  The return value is 27.

There are 27 possible sets again, but for this input any set with the 35 minute
hard problem is too short.  Therefore there are only 3*3*2=18 legal sets, and
the return value is 18.

Since there are no easy problems, there are no legal problem sets.  The return
value is 0.


Parameters:int[], int[], int[]
Method signature:int numSets(int[] param0, int[] param1, int[] param2)
(be sure your method is public)

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Brute Force, Simple Search, Iteration