TopCoder problem "VectorMatching" used in TCCC07 Qual 3 (Division I Level Three)

Problem Statement


Let P be a set of an even number of distinct points on the plane. A vector matching V of set P is a set of vectors where each vector starts at one point in P and ends at another, and each point in P is either the head or tail of exactly one vector in the matching. Thus, there are half as many vectors in V as there are points in P.

You are given int[]s x and y, where (x[i], y[i]) are the coordinates of the i-th point of P. Find a vector matching V for set P such that the length of the vector sum of the vectors in V is minimal, and return this length.



Parameters:int[], int[]
Method signature:double minimumLength(int[] x, int[] y)
(be sure your method is public)


-The sum of two vectors (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) is the vector (x1 + x2, y1 + y2).
-A return value with either an absolute or relative error of less than 1.0E-9 is considered correct.


-x will contain between 2 and 20 elements, inclusive.
-y will contain the same number of elements as x.
-The number of elements in x will be even.
-Each element of x and y will be between -100000 and 100000, inclusive.
-All points will be distinct.


{-5, -5, 5, 5}
{-5, 5, 5, -5}
Returns: 0.0
The optimal matching consists of vectors (-5, -5) -> (-5, 5) and (5, 5) -> (5, -5). It contains two opposite vectors, so their vector sum is the zero vector.
{-100000, 100000}
{-100000, 100000}
Returns: 282842.71247461904
{26, 65, 78, 92, -60, -27, 42, -86, 92, -41}
{-76, -83, 38, 22, -42, 85, 46, 98, -47, 38}
Returns: 13.341664064126334

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