TopCoder problem "Camper" used in TCCC '01 Finals (Division I Level Two)

Problem Statement

This problem was taken from the Collegiate Challenge Finals

Class Name:  Camper
Method Name:  maxCalories 
Parameters:  int,int
Returns:  int

A hiker is preparing for a trip through the wilderness.  He is taking a
backpack, and he must decide what food to pack in the backpack.  He can bring a
limited amount of food because the backpack has a fixed maximum volume, and the
weight of the items must not exceed a fixed maximum weight (He doesn't want the
weight of the bag to slow him down.)  The hiker has several food items to
choose from.  Each item has a weight, a volume, and a caloric content.  The
hiker wants to maximize the number of calories he brings while keeping the
total volume and weight less than or equal to the maximum volume and weight.   

Implement a class Camper, which includes a method maxCalories.  maxCalories
takes two ints as parameters, the maximum weight and the maximum volume.  The
method should return the maximum number of calories that the hiker can bring
such that the total weight of the items does not exceed the maximum weight and
the total volume of the items does not exceed the maximum volume.

The food items, the number of calories they contain, their weight, and their
volume are given in a static 2-dimensional array, data.  data[0][x] is the
number of calories in the xth food item.  data[1][x] is the weight of the xth
element.  data[2][x] is the volume of the xth element.  This static array is
already in the coding window below, make sure to keep it in the class.

The method signature is:
public int maxCalories(int maxWeight, int maxVolume);

both maxWeight and maxVolume are between 0 and 1000, inclusive.

*If the maximum volume or maximum weight is 0, the method should return 0.
*Your solution must run in under 6 seconds.

Here is the array, in case you delete it accidentally:
private static int [ ][ ] data = 
{ { 10, 100, 170, 40, 68, 92, 220, 30, 60, 85,
92, 109, 230, 60, 65, 72, 80, 82, 120, 130, 180, 222, 400, 800 }, //calories
{  5,  20,  10, 12, 20, 40,  70, 30, 40, 30,
30,  60, 100, 51, 52, 53, 54, 70,  20,  40,  40, 90,  200, 600 }, //weight
{  3,  20,  90, 90, 80, 12,  50,  1, 70, 20,
20,  30, 120, 40, 40, 40, 20, 80,  90, 100,  60, 30,  200,  50 } }; //volume

If maxWeight=41 and maxVolume=181, the hiker can bring the most calories by
bringing the 3rd and 19th elements (170 calories and 120 calories).  The method
should return the total number of calories, 170+120=290. 


Parameters:int, int
Method signature:int maxCalories(int param0, int param1)
(be sure your method is public)

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