TopCoder problem "Race" used in TCCC '01 Semifinals 3 (Division I Level One)

Problem Statement

 Class Name: Race
Method Name: closestCheckPoint
Parameters: int[], int[], int[]
Returns: int

Three runners are running a race.  There are n checkpoints numbered 0
through n-1 along the course of the race.  The time each runner crosses each
checkpoint is recorded, in seconds since the beginning of the race.  As the
race progresses, the time counts up. 
Implement a class Race, which contains a method closestCheckPoint.  The
method takes three int[]'s as parameters.  The int[]'s contain the times the
runners crossed the checkpoints, in seconds, one int[] for each runner.  The
0th element of the first int[] is the time the first runner crossed the 0th
checkpoint.  The 0th element of the second int[] is the time the second runner
crossed the 0th checkpoint, etc... The method returns an int that is the number
of the checkpoint at which the three runners are closest (the time between the
first and last runners' arrivals at the checkpoint is the minimum).  If there
are multiple checkpoints with the same closeness, the last (highest numbered)
of these checkpoints is returned.

The method signature is:
public int closestCheckPoint(int[] runner1, int[] runner2, int[] runner3);
*runner1, runner2, and runner3 will have the same number of elements.  There
will be at least 1 element and at most 100 elements in each int[].  The
elements will be between 0 and 30000.

-Keep in mind runners may cheat and therefore the int[] may not be an
increasing sequence.

runner1 = {10,40,90}
runner2 = {12,37,87}
runner3 = {15,32,88}
returns: 2

runner1 = {3,4,5,8}
runner2 = {3,4,6,8}
runner3 = {3,5,7,8}
returns: 3


Parameters:int[], int[], int[]
Method signature:int closestCheckPoint(int[] param0, int[] param1, int[] param2)
(be sure your method is public)

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