TopCoder problem "Hyphenated" used in SRM 202 (Division I Level One , Division II Level Two)

Problem Statement

    We want to be able to judge whether text is suitable for a particular age group. We will base our judgment on the average length of a word in the text, so we need to define what a "word" is.

We define a "word" to be a maximal sequence of letters ('A'-'Z' and/or 'a-z') within a single line. (Maximal means that if 2 letters are adjacent within a line, they are in the same word.) But if a line ends with a sequence of one or more letters immediately followed by a hyphen ('-') and the next line starts with a sequence of one or more letters, all these letters are considered to be in the same word. It is even possible that a hyphenated word could extend across several lines (see Example 2).

Create a class Hyphenated that contains a method avgLength that is given a String[] lines containing the lines of text and that returns the average length of the words within the text.



Method signature:double avgLength(String[] lines)
(be sure your method is public)


-A return value with either an absolute or relative error of less than 1.0E-9 is considered correct.


-lines will contain between 1 and 50 elements inclusive.
-Each element of lines will contain between 1 and 50 characters inclusive.
-Each character in each element of lines will be a letter ('A-'Z' or 'a'-'z') or will be one of these: ' ', '-', '.'
-At least one element of lines will contain a letter.


{"  now is the ex-", "ample.  "} 
Returns: 3.75
There are 4 words: now, is, the, example
{"  now is the ex-", " ample.  "}
Returns: 3.0
There are 5 words: now, is, the, ex, ample Note that the leading blank prevents the joining of ex and ample. Also note that words only consist of letters, so the hyphen is never a part of a word.
Returns: 20.0
There is only one word.
{"All the time I have well-defined  "," trouble."}
Returns: 4.125
Note that well-defined consists of 2 separate words.
Returns: 5.0

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