TopCoder problem "grafixCorrupt" used in SRM 211 (Division I Level One , Division II Level Two)

Problem Statement


In the grafix file format, a bitmap is encoded as a sequence of lowercase alphabetic words. All of these words are drawn from a dictionary that has been built specially for the bitmap by a compression algorithm. Each word in the dictionary has the same length.

It can occur that words in a grafix file are corrupted by poor transmission or storage media. In such cases, grafix attempts to reconstruct the original file by matching each corrupted word to a dictionary word that contains one or more of the same characters at the same positions.

You are given a String[], dictionary, containing every word in a grafix file's dictionary, and a String, candidate, which is a possibly corrupted word in that file. If there is no dictionary word that has at least one character in the same position as candidate, then return the int value -1. Otherwise, return the zero-based index of the dictionary word that has the greatest number of characters at the same positions as candidate. In the event of a tie, favor the lowest index.



Parameters:String[], String
Method signature:int selectWord(String[] dictionary, String candidate)
(be sure your method is public)


-dictionary contains between 1 and 50 elements, inclusive
-candidate is between 1 and 20 characters long, inclusive
-each element of dictionary has the same length as candidate
-only the characters 'a' to 'z' are permitted in candidate and dictionary


{"cat", "cab", "lab"}
Returns: 1
The word "dab" has two letters in the same position as both "cab" and "lab", but "cab" comes first.
{"cat", "cab", "lab"}
Returns: 2
Here, "lab" is the best fit.
{"cat", "cab", "lab"}
Returns: -1
The word "bic" contains a 'c' and a 'b', but neither character is at the same position in any dictionary word.
{"zkv", "izs", "fed", "waa", "ttx", "bgt", "quy", "dtq", "dgo", "yrs",
 "cid", "nln", "pvz", "txt", "zun", "erd", "jen", "klh", "kxy", "emf",
 "mqt", "lza", "dzb", "ndx", "vfr", "jhs", "dkm", "elb"}
Returns: 10
{"zhadjsg", "vzptftx", "fbaslxs", "ejejncm", "xpxkeae", "ixrrtzw",
 "ovctbzx", "sfzekhh", "lxzixjk", "jixdpik", "bkianck", "laclyin",
 "uqmdkfx", "dimswqo", "fojhetr", "grntrce", "obdtqwx", "bhojwcy",
 "zuuuvst", "mvqtoly", "aftmupx", "govuidx", "qklpret", "yptccki",
 "uxdnslh", "wudrusz", "uwxbvou", "ouytqun", "pjdexqe", "xraaqdw",
 "lxmoncl", "sjnjfgb", "qrlqgvc", "fgvoadm", "yohsrxw", "udpvrsr",
Returns: 36

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